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How to Prevent Rashes Using Swim shirts

How to Prevent Rashes Using Swim Shirts

Rashes, like an injury, can be devestating to an athlete who is training.  Even if you are just a person enjoying the outdoors on a vacation, a skin rash can be a very terrible experience.  Luckily, there are shirts called "rash guards" available that help to eliminate chaffing and rashes that may develop during outdoor activities.  This article will go over how to prevent rashes using rash guard swim shirts.

Rash guards are an effective and economical way to protect your skin from painful rashes and sunburns and are excellent for all outdoor sports.  Let's say you are a marathon runner.  A rash guard sports shirt will protect your skin from uv rays that cause sun burn.  Sun protection clothes such as rash guards provide up to SPF 150+ sun guard protection. These running rash guards eliminate chaffing caused by the wind, and also help you to avoid rashes in those problem under arm areas due to their non-wicking design which repels water and sweat.  As a marathon runner it is crucial to have equipment you can rely on during the long run.  A women's rashguard sports shirt is one of those items you may not think about until it's too late.

Today retailers have a large selection of rashguards available for purchase.  Sporting goods stores and surf shops are your best bet to find a surf shirt locally.  Online stores really have the best selection and prices, plus customer reviews on the sport surfing shirts.  The more prevalent rash guard styles include:

- Swim Shirts
- Surf Shirts
- Long Sleeve rash Guards
- Short sleeve rash guards

Generally these rash guards are designed for multiple uses and there is no need for specific mma rash guards versus rash guards for surfing, or sports rash guards versus wetsuit rash guards, etc.

What makes a rash guard unique and so much better than a t-shirt is the lycra material used to make each shirt.  This strectchy "spandex" like fabric feels like silk to the skin yet is strong, durable, and SPF rated.  Rash guard lycra is designed to protect your skin unlike t-shirt cotton which provides minimal sun protection and when wet is known to cause skin irritation and friction.

Besides the numerous great features, bottom line, rash guards make you look and feel great.  That hidden kid inside you will feel like a superhero wearing a form fitting and stylish swim shirt.  Children who also wear kids rashguards love the fact that they look cool in their colorful swim shirts when outdoors.  As a parent you couldn't be happier because you know they are protected from rash and sun burn.

Purchasing a rash guard swim shirt as well as other forms of sun protection clothing is essential if you seriously want to avoid developing a rash outdoors.  Here at The Beach Depot we have rashguards available for babies all the way through XXL adults.  If you have any questions in regards to rash guards or sun protection please feel free to contact one of our swim shirt experts today!


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