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Not unlike surfing rashguards, mma rash guards are a true necessity for athletes who rely on a quality products for their sports.  Martial arts and grappling rashguards are used by fighters to protect their skin while training.  Just like surfers, these fighters can develop rashes and skin irritation while performing and require equipment that they can count on day in and day out.  MMA rash guards for grappling are weapons every fighter should add to their arsenal.

In the martial arts community, you will find there is a variety of skill levels ranging from novice to professional fighters.  From the office guy looking for an after work exercise program, to the seven day a week training for the next fight mma champion, all fighters share the common need for quality skin protection.  Long sleeve rash guards are quite efficient at protecting the entire upper body.  MMA fighting involves full body contact and a lot of friction on the skin.  For those less concerned about the body contact, sleeveless rash guards and short sleeve rash guards are excellent training shirts as well.  Rash guard shirts come in many different styles and colors for the numerous types of athletes out there in the world.

It is essential if you are a martial arts fighter that you wear a rash guard that is of the correct size.  You do not want an mma shirt that is too loose.  On the same note, you do not want a grappling shirt that is so tight it restricts your movement.  Ideally, you want an mma fight shirt that fits snug but is still comfortable.  An mma fight shirt should not fit like a t-shirt. 

We highly recommend always checking the rash guard size chart of the manufacturer to verify actual measurements before you make a purchase.  If you purchase online make sure the rash guard store offers an exchange/return policy in the event your mma shirt does not fit perfectly.  If you are purchasing your mma fight shirt from a sporting good store definitely take the few extra minutes to try it on in a dressing room before you buy it.  You will thank us later.  Nothing is worse than buying a clothing item that does not fit.  Especially when it is an mma rash guard that you need for training.  If you have any questions please contact The Beach Depot Rash Guards.

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