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There are certain sports, especially martial arts, that involve a lot of sweating and body contact.  It is crucial to an athlete's performance to have training equipment that allows them to perform at their best.  Rashguards are excellent at stopping rashes and skin irritations that are very common with martial arts.  Rash guards, including sports rash guards, are also referred to as MMA shirts and are being used around the globe by fighters for training and competition.

Sports rashguards, mma fight shirts, and mens rash guards for grappling are designed with fighters in mind.  Most mma shirts are made from nylon and lycra which is durable and comfortable.  Most mma fighters wear a size that fits snug like a second skin, but not too tight so that flexibility is not hindred in any way.  MMA fighters find wearing a rash gurd saves their skin from getting rashes and those terrible "raspberries" from friction on the floor mats.  MMA rash guards simply improve a fighters training efficiency and performance.

Both professionals and casual martial arts enthusiasts require equipment that reduces skin irritation from hand to hand body combat.  An mma rash guard shirt eliminates the impact of all this activity on your skin and even helps save your body hair from getting pulled out, which also is a bummer when it happens.  Rash guards for grappling are available in many online stores these days.  The most popular styles in order of best selling include:

  • long sleeve rash guards
  • short sleeve mma rash guards
  • sleeveless mma rash guards.

Rash guards are durable and constructed to last for a long time so you know you are investing in a shirt you will be using for years.  Many fighters purchase more than one mma rash guard so that they have a clean mma shirt for training throughout the week.  Wearing the same dirty mma shirt each day could defeat the purpose of reducing skin irritation by causing a bacteria rash.  That is no good.  Other fighters choose to keep a plethora of several colored mma shirts in their arsenal to look and feel like a true super fighter at the club.

If you are into martial arts or grappling protect your skin and buy a mma rash guard shirt.  The Beach Depot carries a huge supply of durable mma shirts to serve all your fighter needs.

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