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Today men's rash guards are a mainstay in the sports world used by athletes across the board for skin protection.  From water sports such as surfing, sailing, snorkeling, or swimming to land based sports such as MMA, martial arts, or working out, men use rash guards to perform at their best.  This article will talk about the many uses of surf rash guards in relation to water sports, and why a rashguard may be exactly what you need for your water activities.

Why is a rash guard important for men who surf?  Whether you are a surfer or a swimmer out in the sun, either way you run the risk of getting serious rash and sunburn.  A rashguard blocks the uv rays which cause sunburn much like a sunscreen, while also preventing rashes from starting from your board or paddling.  Surf rash guards provide little warmth and are primarily used for the purpose of skin protection.  A long sleeve surf rash guard may provide slight warmth, but should not be confused with a wetsuit which is designed specifically for cold water.

Swim shirts for men are also crucial equipment for athletes. Swimmers are exposing their skin to the sun's damaging rays, as well as other irritation factors such as chlorine which may bother the skin over time.  Long distance swimmers rely on rash guard swim shirts to prevent sunburn, as well as protect their skin from chaffing, which is common around the arm pit areas.  Rash guards work well to minimize this chaffing irritation.  Swimmers also find wearing a rash guard shirt takes the chill off cold winds and helps them to swim at their peak performance level.

Men who sail or are into boating also use sports rash guards for sun protection.  Athletic sailing rash guards help men look their best while avoiding sun burns.  The thin lycra material is very breathable and keeps you cool while on deck.  Designed to dry quickly, you can also get the sailing shirt soaking wet without worries.  A quality rash guard sail shirt will provide SPF 150+  sun protection, which is better than top selling suncreens. Snug fitting and stretchy, a rash guard sailing shirt is superb for all boating activities.

Depending on your individual needs, surfing rash guards and swim shirts for sailing can be purchased at many locations.  Surf shops are a great place to find surf rash guards and surf shirts.  Long sleeve rashguards, short sleeeve rash guards, and cap sleeve rash guards are the most prevalent styles of surf shirt.  If you love to surf, sail, swim, or practice martial arts, get yourself a versatile rash guard today.

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