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Rash Guard Buyer's Guide

rash guard buyer's guide

Rash Guard Buyer's Guide - Beach Depot Rash Guards

Purchasing the right rash guard shirt is an important decision for you and your family.  We have put together this buyer’s guide to help educate you on some important factors to evaluate before making your purchase.  Below we will discuss the many styles of rash guards available plus key factors to consider when making your rash guard purchase.

What is a Rash Guard?

(Also known as a surf shirt or swim shirt) a rash guard is an athletic shirt made from lycra worn primarily for the dual purpose of sun protection and preventing rashes commonly caused by chaffing from salt water and sand.  Rash guard shirts are used for water sports as well as many land-based outdoor activities including:

    * Surfing
    * Swimming
    * Diving
    * Sailing
    * MMA

SPF rash guards are designed to protect the skin from sunburn and skin irritation while providing flexibility and comfort.  We offer a large selection of styles and colors to suit your various needs.  We proudly supply long sleeve and short sleeve rash guards for men, women, kids, and toddlers.  We also have introduced a new cap sleeve women’s rashguard.  All Beach Depot rash guards are built for durability and comfort and can withstand abuse from salt water and chlorinated pools.

SPF Sun Protection and Construction

A quality rash guard needs to protect your skin from rashes while delivering a solid SPF factor.  A Sun Protection Factor (like with sunscreens) is used to measure how well a product is blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays. Beach Depot Rash Guards have an SPF 150+ rating making them more effective than the majority of SPF products (including sunscreens) on the market.

Where a rash guard is manufactured and from what type of fabric is also a crucial buying factor.  A well made rash guard needs to be constructed of a nylon/lycra combination to provide proper SPF protection.  Many retail stores sell cheap versions of a rash guard made in foreign countries from lower quality fabrics with poor construction.  Beware of these swim shirt off-brands as they do not provide the strong SPF protection and high performance comfort you and your family need and expect from a product.  Beach Depot rash guards are ‘Made in the USA’ using high quality lycra and constructed with flat lock stitching , low crew neck for comfort, plus 4-way super stretch for maximum flexibility.

Rash Guard Styles

Choosing a rash guard style really comes down to your activities.  A long sleeve rash guard will provide the most coverage for your upper body.  A short sleeve rash guard is an excellent choice for hot weather.  The color you choose is strictly a personal preference.  All seven color options provide equal SPF 150+ sun protection.

Rash Guard Sizing

Making the correct size choice is very important.  You need to be comfortable in your swim shirt!  Rash guards are made small with an athletic fit by design to prevent drag in the water.  As a general rule of thumb, it is smart to order a larger size if you do not want a skin-tight fit.  Many customers who prefer that tee shirt like loose fit order two sizes up from their normal size.  Please see the size chart for actual measurements.

If you have any additional questions about our products please feel free to contact us or visit our Rash Guard Blog and Article library for tons more information on rash guards by The Beach Depot.

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