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Rash Guard Shirts: A Snorkeling Must Have With Rash Guard Shirts

Rash Guard Shirts: A Snorkeling Must Have With Rash Guard Shirts

Perhaps you've learned the hard way that protecting your skin from the sun is extremely important while on vacation.  In as little as fifteen minutes you can get a sunburn.  Nothing could be worse while on vacation than getting a bad sunburn on the first day of your trip.  Make rash guard shirts a "don't leave home without" item for your next holiday in the sun.

A few years back I went to Hawaii to celbrate graduating from college.  This was in late May so I had not built up any sort of base tan and was quite pale.  The first day on Oahu we went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.  I didn't have a rashguard diving shirt, but put on lots of SPF 30+ sunscreen.  It didn't matter.  I did not even notice myself getting burned, and thought my sunscreen was doing the job it is supposed to do.  When I got back to the hotel later that afternoon I was totally fried and in a world of pain.  I felt like I had a bad fever and was going into shock.  This totally ruined the whole week's vacation.  It hurt to walk.  It hurt to lay down.  Putting on a shirt to go to dinner felt like wearing sandpaper, and images of John Candy in "Summer Rental" flashed through my head.

A rash guard shirt could have prevented all of this from happening.  A rashguard's sun protection does not wear or wash off like sunscreen with SPF 150+ non stop protection.  These stylish and comfortable swim shirts are excellent for snorkeling with an athletic fit designed for all types of water sports and outdoor activities.  Rashguards are made out of lycra and nylon which gives them a lightweight, stretchy, and water resistant texture: excellent for H2O activities.  Diving rashguards may provide some slight warmth, but are by no means the same as a wetsuit.  Wearing a rashguard on this snorkeling trip would have had my back, shoulders, arms, chest, and stomach all 100% covered and protected from that strong tropical Hawaiian sun,  Now every time I surf, snorkel, or swim it's a no brainer: wear the rashguard shirt!

A rashguard is definitely worth the money and is actually more economical than sunscreen.  The average swim shirt costs $30-$50, but lasts 3-5 years with moderate use.  Compare that to the dozens of bottles of sunscreen you may go through at $10-$20 a pop and the savings are ginourmous.  Add that to the savings from not having to buy sunburn and aftersun remedies and you may have saved enough money for an entire vacation get away.

When you are on vacation and snorkeling, diving, or surfing, you want to relax and not worry about continually putting on sunscreen every 30 minutes.  Rashguards make this easy.  You know you have full sun protection under the areas the swim shirt covers.  Of course you'll still need to protect other areas of your body, but you can rest assured knowing the hard to reach back, neck, and shoulders are taken care of and not getting fried to a crisp.  A rashguard is like your buddy who has your back, literally!

Next time I go to Hawaii I am going to be totally prepared with both a short sleeve swim shirt and long sleeve surf shirt rash guard, sunglasses, a big-brimmed hat, umbrella, you name it.  I learned my lesson the hard way but will not make the same mistake twice.  Snorkeling and rashguard swim shirts are a necessity.

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