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Rash Guards for Martial Arts

Rashguards for Martial arts

There are many different uses for sports rash guards.  Traditional beach rash guards are not used only for surfing and swimming anymore.  Extremely popular rashguards are now being used for grappling and martial arts.  In addition to the other important pieces of equipment used for martial arts training, rash guards are becoming a key item for serious mma fighters.  We will discuss below what the deal is with this rash guard craze.

Within the past few years there has been an explosion in the popularity of mixed martial arts, also known as MMA.  Martial arts, wrestling, and boxing have all been very popular for decades, however MMA is a relatively new sport on the scene.

With this popularity boom, a new demand for quality equipment has come into play.  Mixed martial arts is a very physical sport involving vigorous body contact.  It is very common for skin irritation and rashes to result from fighters being slammed and pinned on floor mats in a brutal fashion. MMA involves volatile body to body contact amongst opponents.  Rash guards (also known as MMA shirts) are effective at preventing these types of rashes.  Sports rash guards work well for any type of martial art, including MMA.

MMA rash guard shirts are designed to fit skin tight while remaining durable and comfortable for battle.  A rash guard is built to withstand harsh physical contact and will not tear or rip under pressure.  The stretchy and strong lycra fabric is perfect for the  demands of fighting and allows for plenty of flexibility.  The flat lock stitching does not break and can be depended on by a fighter for high performance.  Wearing a rash guard helps an MMA fighter to train efficiently without worrying about terrible rashes and skin irritation.  A martial arts grappling rashguard protects the upper body and skin of a fighter and is lightweight for minimum sweating and maximum breathability.

MMA Rashguards are available online at The Beach Depot.  Check out some of our customer reviews from fighters that have used our mma shirts for training, they absolutely swear by them.  We have made custom mma shirts for many jiu jitsu and karate clubs across the country.  If you are interested in purchasing wholesale rash guards for grappling at your club please contact us for more information.  We can actually screen print your logo or design right on the shirts.  Thanks for your interest in MMA rash guards!  

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