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Rash Guards for Women

Rash Guards for Women

Women's rash guard swimwear is taking over the sun protection market because of its great looking fashion, comfort, and perfomance.  A swim shirt for women will protect your precious skin from sunburn and rashes at an affordable price, while you look and feel attractive at the same time.  This article will discuss women's rashguards and why you should wear one in the sun this summer.

Rash guards for women are basically sun protective shirts worn during water and outdoor activities to protect skin from rashes and sun burn.  Sports rash guards and women's surf rash guards effectively protect against damaging elements such as:

- UVA/UVB sun rays
- Rashes caused by surf board friction
- Skin chaffing from cold winds
- Irriataion to skin caused by salt and sand

Women's rash guard swim shirts are avaialable in multiple styles and colors to satisfy the needs of any girl.  Popular cap sleeve rashguards protect the core, shoulder, and back areas but allow sun to the arms.  Second-skin like long sleeve women's rashguards work well for ladies who are fair-skinned or girls who require maximum protection from sun, water, and sand exposure.  Women also like to wear their rashguard surf shirt over their bathing suit, or underneath their wetsuit for additional coverage.

Women's surfing rashuards are made to compliment a feminine physique by fitting snug to the body.  Rash shirts for girls dry quickly while blocking the sun's damaging uv rays. An athletic rash guard allows a woman to remain comfortable with full flexibility while performing just about any recreational activity such as:

- volleyball
- scuba diving
- snorkeling
- hiking
- sailing
- kayaking
- relaxing at the beach

With the ease and affordability of online shopping today, swim shirts are no longer hard to find items limited to surf shops and specialty sporting good stores.  Women can buy rash guards at any of the numerous online stores or places like amazon.  Before purchasing a swim shirt online be sure take your measurements and look at the rashguard shirt sizing chart.  Since you can't try the spf shirt on in advance, it is important to order the correct size.  Please contact Beach Depot Women's Rash Guards with any questions you may have regarding sun protective swimwear.

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