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Sports Apparel - Rash Guards

Sports Apparel - Rash Guards

Sport apparel is much different than regular clothing.  All types of athletes from surfers to speed skaters rely on sports apparel for comfort and to increase performance.  Sports rashguards are one of the most popular pieces of sports apparel utilized in today's athletic world used to prevent rashes, sunburns, and repel moisture.  This article will discuss using rashguards as your primary and most vital piece of sporting apparel.

Sports rashguards are essential for outdoor sports.  A regular cotton t-shirt does not provide adequate sun protection, and is not designed to repel sweat and moisture.  T-shirts also do not protect skin from rashes.  Wearing sports apparel such as rash guard shirts will keep your skin protected from uv rays that cause sun burn, repel away moisture and water, plus prevent rashing and chaffing caused by contact from objects such as surboards and surf wax.  This will allow you to perform optimally with superior comfort during your sports activities, and give you an adventage over your competition.  These days every athlete can use an extra edge to help them perform.  Some of the top selling sports rash guards include:

- long sleeve rash guards
- short sleeve rash guards
- sleeveless rash guards
- surfing rash guards
- SPF beach rash guards

Parents with kids who enjoy sports also enjoy benefits from wearing spf clothing such as sports rashguards.  Kids rashguards and toddler rashguards can be used for outdoor activities such as soccer, baseball, and football plus water activities such as swimming and boogie boarding.  Rash guards for kids are stylish and come in many cool colors.  A child's rashguard is a piece of sports apparel that has many purposes, and will be used often by your kids.  Many parents buy an assortment of colors so their children will always have a rashguard to wear.

Sports rash guards for adults and kids are made from high-tech lycra material and flat lock stitching to ensure absolute comfort and stretchability.  A quality sports rash guard will provide up to SPF 50+ sun protection in addition to a high performance fit.  For the avid runner, surfer, swimmer, hiker, or outdoor enthusiast, adding a rash guard to your sports apparel wardrobe is a smart buying decision.  If you have any questions about sports apparel or rash guards please contact The Beach Depot Rashguards.

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