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Sun Protection with Sports Rash Guards

Sun Protection with Sports Rash Guards

Ahh the great outdoors, where all of us spend time enjoying the various activities that make life so great.  Wonderful hobbies that we can't wait to do each weekend or vacation period such as:

- surfing
- diving
- sailing
- body boarding
- scuba diving
- kayaking
- swimming

Although these outdoor activities are our source for pure enjoyment, there are some important hazards we all need to recognize to ensure the sun's damaging uv rays don't spoil the fun.  One way to eliminate sun burns is by wearing sports rash guards during all water and outdoor activities.  Let's take a look at sun protection clothing and shielding our skin by using sports rash guards.

A rash guard is designed specifically for sun protection using SPF rated fabrics. A rash guard decreases the chance of developing rashes caused by friction and repetitive motions.  Rashes and burns can put a real damper on our sports activities, and ruin a vaction in a flash.  Rash guards are an effective piece of clothing that will not only protect skin from sun burns, but allow us to prevent chaffing and rash.  As athletes,a major part of our training involves preparation for the event.  We can prepare to perform our best during all water and outdoor activities by wearing SPF rash guard shirts.

The beauty in these swim shirts is they fit snug to the body, which means we will be comfortable in the water without drag.  A sun protection shirt or rash guard surf shirt performs more effectively than a regular old tee shirt.  A plain white tee shirt would not provide us with any sun protection, and would fill up with water like a balloon.  Hello, this is not what we want when trying to surf, swim or snorkel.  Some of the most popular sporting rash guards out on the market include the following:

- surfing rash guard shirts
- rash guards for men
- Kids Rashguards
- swim shirts for women
- mma rash guards

Where can we buy sports rash guards?  Good question.  All surf shops have a solid selection of surfing shirt rash guards.  Many sporting godd stores also have sun protection clothes and sun shirts.  However, the best selection of rash guard shirts can be found online.  The Beach Depot Rash guards carries sun protection shirts for all water and sports activities!

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