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Sun and Rash Protection for Kids - Rash Guards 101 for Mom and Dad!

Sun and Rash Protection for Kids

We all know kids love to play outdoors.  Swimming, surfing, soccer, the list could go on and on with examples of fun outdoor activities and sports our children enjoy under the sun.  As parents we need to be aware that spending time in the sun without proper protection can cause sun burns and rashes on our toddlers and young kids.  Thank goodness we now have cool rash guards available that our kids absolutely love to wear.

Kids and toddler rashguards effectively protect your child's skin from damaging uv rays while also guarding against rashes and chaffing.  Toddlers enjoy wearing fun and attractive rashguards.  Older youths also get excited about trend setting kids rashguards. As parents we are simply satisfied knowing our child is 100% protected from sun exposure wearing a kids or toddler rash guard. 

As far as sun protection swimwear goes, a well made rash guard should provide the maximum SPF 150+ protection.  A great kids rashguard should be constructed using quality lycra fabric, and sewn with flat lock stitching for performace and comfort.

Toddler rash guards need to be reliable, as most parents stress out over the safety of their baby.  Rash guards for babies should protect your toddler from the sun, but also provide superior comfort so the child can feel and look great while wearing his/her shirt.  Sun protection clothing such as kids rash guards are an outstanding combination when used with suncreen.  SPF clothing plus sunscreen is a winning formula for preventing sunburns on children.

Obviously, a long sleeve rash guard provides more sun protection than a short sleeve rash guard.  Typically, toddler rash guards come in either of these two styles and colors may vary depending on the brand.  All types of sun protection clothes for kids should be rated for SPF and be made of quality lycra in order to be comfortable.

Hey parents, buying kids and toddler rash guards to provide sun and rash protection for your children while playing outdoors is a good call.  You will be able to relax, and your children will remain happy and comfortable wearing their rash guard shirts.  You can buy kids and toddler rash guards here at The Beach Depot.

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