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Surfing in the USA

Surfing in the USA

Surfing is an addicting sport.  For so many people, after catching just one wave they are hooked with surfing fever.  Surfers love to ride waves, get barreled, and perform awesome manuevers in the water.

Surfers come in all shapes and sizes from all corners of the globe.  It is not uncommon for surfer's to travel to remote locations on adventures searching for the perfect wave.  Some avid surfers never miss a day of surfing.  There is a surfer in Northern California who has a streak of something like 27 years of surfing everyday.  Take that Cal Ripken jr!

Being that surfers spend so much time in the water and exposed to the sun's uv rays, they are more prone to rashes and sunburns than the average "land based" person.  Smart surfers wear sun protection clothing called surf shirts which keep their skin from getting irritated by these external factors.  Surfing rashguards allow surfers to stay out in the water day after day without developing rashes or getting nasty sunburns.

When you go online or into a surf shop a sports rash guard for sale usually is advertised as:

- Surf shirts
- wetsuit rashguards
- surfing rash guards
- Rash Guard Surfing Shirts
- spf shirts

Surfing rash guards are designed to fit snug on a surfer's body to avoid water drag.  The smooth SPF rated fabric protects against rashes that develop due to sand and contact with a surfboard, plus block the sun's uv rays.  Longsleeve rashguards, shortsleeve rashguards, and sleeveles rashguards are all popular styles used for different weather conditions. In addition to men's and women's rash guard shirts, some of the better online stores also make rash guards for kids and toddlers.  

When you surf everyday it is critical to have surfing equipment such as surfing shirts that you can rely on for each session to protect your skin.  A bad rash or sunburn can stop a surfer dead in his/her tracks, leaving him stuck at home or watching the waves from the beach.  Serious surfers understand the need to take extra precautions which allow them to never miss a good surfing session.  Rash guard surf shirts empower surfers to get the most out of the sport they love.  SPF surfing shirts are available at The Beach Depot.

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