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Water Sports - Women and Surfing

With movies such as Blue Crush and tons of exposure on cable channels such as Fuel, women's surfing has never been more popular.  As a sport, the performance levels have taken off as today's women surfers push the envelope to new levels.  Rash guards for women help ladies to push the sport by allowing them comfort plus protection from the sun while performing hot new manuevers.  This article will cover women's rash guards and how they are used in water sports.

Ladies rash guards are designed to be worn in the water or while participating in sports such as surfing.  Women's rash guards are fitted to be snug against the body like a second skin.  Smooth and light-weight lycra/nylon fabric protects the skin from dangerous uv sun rays and surf board rashes.  In addition, rash guards for girls help to minimize chaffing from the wind, abrasions from sand or reef, plus wetsuit irritation.  A girls rashguard is fantastic for use in other water activities like:

- snorkeling rashguard
- diving rash guards
- wake boarding rashguard
- stand up paddle board rashguards

Many women surfers wear their surf shirt rash guard over a bikini with board shorts.  This gives them the rash protection they need without having to worry about applying sun screen that loses its effectiveness and needs to be re-applied often.  Girls love that rash guard shirts are comfortable yet make them look thin and sexy with athletic fitting fabric cuts and attractive colors.  The combination of looking and feeling great in the water while knowing the rashguard is totally protecting delicate skin gives women surfers added confidence in the water: helping them achieve peak performance.

Long sleeve surf rash guards for women are hot sellers providing the most upper body coverage.  On the other side of the token, sleeveless (aka cap sleeve rash guards) protect the core body parts including the chest, back, and shoulders but allow the arms to get sun.  Cap sleeve rash guards are ideal for darker skinned women with solid base tans.  Finally, short sleeve surfing rash guards meet in the middle covering the core region and upper arms.  Avid women surfers usually buy rash guards of all styles to ensure they are prepared for different conditions.

If you have any comments or feedback in regards to rash guards for women's surfing please contact The Beach Depot.

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