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Spring Break Sun Protection

Spring Break Sun Protection

Spring break is just around the corner!  How many people out there have a vacation planned to a warm climate and are ready to enjoy outdoor and water activities?  If you are like me, you probably have pale skin currently after spending the winter months mostly indoors.  Wearing SPF sun protection clothing such as rash guard shirts this spring break will prevent the dreaded first season sunburn.  Do yourself a favor and avoid looking like a tomato on your vacation by covering up with an SPF rated rash guard shirt .

What makes SPF clothing special is they are made from a lightweight fast drying lycra material.  Lycra is durable, stretchy, smooth, and SPF 50 plus rated making it ideal for water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, or wakeboarding where you are out on the water all day long.  The smooth fabric prevents rash and irritation to your skin while also protecting from sun uv rays.  

The are a few different terms used to describe sun protection swim swear including:

- SPF sun protection shirts
- Long sleeve rash guards
- rash guard shirts
- Surf Shirts & Surfing Rash Guards

The great news is these sun protection shirts are available for online purchase and at many department stores.  Places like Walmart and Target carry inexpensive (but also poor quality) sun protection swimwear including men's and women's rashguards, plus rash guard shirts for kids and toddlers.  These stores place products on the racks based on the season so they may not always be in stock.  Customers overwhelmingly prefer to purchase SPF rash guard clothing online because of the competitive pricing and large selection that can be found from these web based shops.  The surf shirt quality is also much better from these specialized stores who focus soley on sun protection swim wear.  Before your trip use Bing or Google and search keywords such as rashguards, SPF surf shirts, or swim shirts to find some of these great online surf shops who sell rash guards.

Sun protection clothes are great for covering your body, but don't forget to cover the old noggin.  The best combination for your head is sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.  I prefer to use all three at the same time early in the season.  If you have shorter hair don't neglect the scalp.  Ears, back of the neck, and lips are also neglected areas that can get fried quickly on spring break. Hopefully these sun protection tips will help you to maximize your fun and avoid sun burns and rashes this spring.  Please visit The Beach Depot Rash Guards for more great information on sun protection.

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