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Sun Safety - SPF Clothing and Sunscreens

Sun Safety - SPF Clothing and Sunscreens

When we turn on the news each day it seems there is always a new danger that they are trying to warn us about, right?  Something like, "Stay tuned for breaking news on a new threat that may hurt your children" seems to be a daily occurance.  Well, the purpose of this article isn't to scare, but rather make you aware and well educated on protecting your skin from damaging uv sun rays using spf clothing and sunscreens.

It is a fact that skin cancer is on the rise across the globe.  The sun is stronger and more dangerous to our skin than it was only a generation ago.  There is debate as to why this is happening, but the majority of scientific evidence points towards global warming and the atmospheric devestation caused by decades of burning fossil fuels.

Dermatologists now recommend wearing sunscreen and spf sun protection clothing whenever outside.  Suncreen should be applied in the morning when we wake up and become a part of our family's routine just like brushing our teeth.  Studies show that long term exposure can lead to skin cancer.  What this means is we are exposing ourselves to damaging rays during our regular daily activities such as driving a car.  Today's changing environment requires us to have a new awareness by using sunscreens and spf shirts for activities that in the past we would not think could damage our skin.  Taking a few extra moments to protect our skin now will go a long way in the future.

In terms of sunscreens, dermatologists recommend using a minimum SPF 15+ rated product that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. It is crucial to apply 30 minutes prior to sun exposure, and reapply every 60-90 minutes.  If participating in water activites, sun block should be reapplied even more frequently.  Remember: the sun is at it's strongest during the mid-day hours of 10:00am-2:00pm.  It is advised to either limit sun exposure during these hours, or take extra precautions to protect your skin.  Sunscreens are water-resistant but not totally waterproof.  Don't learn the hard way by applying once and thinking you are covered for the whole day.  Don't forget about easily overlooked areas such as your hands, feet, ears, neck, scalp, and even under the chin.  The sun reflects off the water and sand often "doubling" the sun's exposure to your skin.

Sun protection clothing is the second piece to the sun protection puzzle.  SPF women's rash guard shirts are an excellent way to protect the upper body and arms with coverage that doesn't wash off during the day.  Sun hats and sunglasses are very effective to protect our eyes and head.  Today there are many new proucts available.  Waterproof sunglasses and sun hats are becoming extremely popular, being used by more and more surfers and swimmers each season.
Hopefully, after reading this article you are not feeling scared, but rather more informed and prepared for outdoor activities.  Please feel free to contact Beach Depot Rash Guards with any questions regarding sun protection.

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